Israel news summary

Israel News for 5-21-2021

News Update

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas took effect at 2am today, after 11 days of fighting. The Egyptians brokered the truce, and two Egyptian security delegations will be sent to monitor the ceasefire deal. Rocket fire and IDF strikes continued in the hours before the ceasefire took effect.

The IDF claims that half of the Gaza Strip terrorist organizations’ stockpile of rockets has been fired or destroyed and about 160 terrorists have been killed, many of them of senior ranks in Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Most of Hamas’ rocket production capability has been destroyed, as has most of its tunnel network and underground facilities and special weaponry such as drone submarines.

Speaking from the White House hours before the ceasefire, President Biden pledged humanitarian aide to rebuild Gaza. The aide would be administered by the Palestinian Authority “in a manner that does not permit Hamas to simply restock its military arsenal.” He also committed to replenishing Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Hamas declared victory and Palestinians celebrated throughout Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem. On the Temple Mount, thousands of Palestinians launched fireworks and waved Palestinian flags. To see videos, click here.

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