Israel news summary

Israel News for 4-3-2023

News Update

Israeli fighter jets shot down two unmanned aircraft today, one that entered Israel from Syria and the other that was approaching Israeli airspace from Gaza.

IDF troops on a raid in Jenin encountered gunfire and returned fire. Two terror suspects were reportedly killed. The raid was to arrest 2 terrorists involved in a recent shooting that wounded 2 IDF soldiers in Huwara. Both terrorists were arrested.

An alleged Israeli strike against targets in the Homs area in Syria over the weekend reportedly destroyed an airplane hangar, a UAV command and control facility, and a communications vehicle. A Syrian opposition group said a base populated by Hezbollah members was among the military bases hit. This was the 3rd alleged Israeli strike against targets in Syria in the last 4 days.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir urged Jews to visit the Temple Mount during the upcoming holiday of Passover saying, “Jews must go up to the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is not just for Arabs… It’s the most important place in the State of Israel. We won’t give up on it.” He also said that he did not support some extreme groups who want to offer a passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount.