Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-9-2020

News Update

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The number of coronavirus cases in Israel has jumped to 39. One of those infected recently arrived from Moscow. He had previously flown to Barcelona and then to Switzerland. He is under self quarantine. Thirty six infected people remain hospitalized.

Israeli soldiers returning from trips abroad are not being allowed to return to their bases.

El Al cancelled its planned Monday evening flight from Newark Airport to Israel. The PM said yesterday that no decision has been made on travel restrictions for passengers entering from the US, but El Al has cancelled flights from several US cities.

Israel Hotel Association president Amir Hayek warned of mass layoffs and hotels closing down, and that “the hotel sector in Israel is on the brink of collapse.” He called for massive government aid.

The Hotel Association’s figures show that as things stand, the estimated annual damage to the sector is NIS 4.2 billion – NIS 350 million a month. Hotel occupancy has plummeted to less than 40%, an average of 30% less than in the corresponding period last year. The decline is worst in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where occupancy is 30%.

Israel’s stock market is also taking a plunge, along with the rest of world markets.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an emergency conference call with European leaders about the corona outbreak. Participants included the Chancellor of Austria, the President of Cyprus and the Prime Ministers of Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and Romania.