Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-4-19

Terror Attack
Three terrorists rammed their vehicle into a group of IDF troops outside a village near Ramallah today. An IDF officer was seriously injured and a Border Policeman was lightly injured in the attack. IDF troops opened fire on the vehicle, killing 2 of the terrorists and wounding the third. The terrorists are suspected of also throwing fire bombs at a checkpoint on Rt. 443 last night.

The head of the trauma center where the officer was taken said, “After an initial evaluation and stabilization, the officer had undergone surgery. His life is not in danger and I hope he will recover without complications … he’s suffering from wounds to his limbs and head.”

Hamas proclaimed, “The death of the two martyrs near Ramallah proves that the Palestinian people are continuing their fight against the occupier until our land is liberated.”

PM Netanyahu said, “This morning IDF soldiers acted quickly and eliminated the terrorists who threatened to run them over. We send our best wishes for a quick recovery to the officer who was wounded and will do everything to speed up the demolition of the homes of these murderers.” 

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Gaza Strike
The Israeli Air Force hit a Hamas observation post near the city of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza yesterday in response to Palestinians throwing explosive devices at the security fence. Earlier, two unarmed Palestinians were arrested by the IDF in northern Gaza after crossing into Israel. They were taken in for questioning.

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Soldier Attacked
A Bedouin Israel Defense Forces soldier was violently attacked on Sunday by security guards at a train station in the southern city of Be’er Sheva, after he allegedly refused to identify himself or have his belongings checked. As a result of the confrontation, the soldier suffered a severe laceration to his head caused by the barrel of a gun one of the guards.

A statement by Israel Railways said, “During a routine security check at the Be’er Sheva central railway station, the soldier refused to comply with the procedures and even attempted to forcefully break into the station. The soldier confronted a security guard at the entrance to the station, prompting him to use force to prevent the passenger from entering the premises, in accordance with the security procedures of Israel Police.”

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Consulate Closed
The US shut down its consulate in east Jerusalem today, which primarily served Palestinians, and combined it with the new US embassy.

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Election Update
A new poll released yesterday gives the Blue and White (BW) party 38 seats, Likud 30, Hadash-Ta’al 9, Labor 8, Jewish Home (block) 7, United Torah Judaism (UTJ) 7, Meretz 6, New Right 6, Kulanu 5, Shas 4. According to these results, the BW can form a 61 seat coalition together with Labor, Meretz and Hadash-Taal vs. a right wing coalition of only 59.

Hadash-Ta’al is a combination of Israeli communists and other leftist factions and Arab and pro Palestinian groups. It is not the same as the Joint Arab List, which according to this poll, is not expected to cross the minimum vote threshold.

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Powerful Country
US News and World Report released its list of most powerful countries, based on “five country attributes related to a country’s power: a leader, economically influential, politically influential, strong international alliances and strong military.” Israel ranked number 8 on the list, followed by Saudi Arabia and South Korea. The top 7 are US, Russia, China, Germany, UK, France and Japan. Not too shabby.

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