Israel news summary

Israel News for 2-3-2023

News Update

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with French President Macron in Paris yesterday. They reportedly discussed the international effort to stop the Iranian nuclear program. The prime minister has also said Israel is considering sending military aid to Ukraine. Macron reportedly expressed concern over the government’s plan to implement judicial reform.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen was in Sudan’s capital Khartoum yesterday to discuss the normalization of ties between the two countries.

Prime Minister Netanyahu attended the opening ceremony of the Chad embassy in Ramat Gan yesterday.

The Shin Bet revealed that it had a foiled a plot by a “Lebanese entity” (Hezbollah) to recruit residents of east Jerusalem, using TikTok, to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli targets. Two east Jerusalem residents were arrested and accused of spying.

Undercover Border Police forces arrested a 22 year old suspected of planning a terror attack in Israel. In total, 12 terror suspects were arrested in overnight operations.

Nine months after the Independence Day terror attack in the city of Elad, in which 3 Israelis were murdered, a fourth victim succumbed to his wounds and died yesterday. Shimon Ma’atuf, 75, from the small community of Bareket, was working as an armed security guard at an Independence Day event held in a park adjacent to the scene of the attack. A father of six and grandfather of 13, Ma’atuf managed to fire one round at one of the assailants before being struck with the axe, sustaining critical wounds to his skull and jaw.

According to the latest official statistics, there are now over 500,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria. For a free copy of the report, click here. (you will be required to sign up to their email list to get the report)

Finance Minister Smotrich has decided to continue the cancelation of tariffs on a wide variety of imported products.