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Israel News for 12-20-2019

News Update

Education Minister and Jewish Home party leader Rafi Peretz met with far right Otzma Yehudit chairman Itamar Ben-Gvir today and the two agreed to join their parties for the upcoming Knesset election.

According to the terms of the deal, the Jewish Home will retain the top spot on the list for Peretz, while Otzma will get the third, sixth, and ninth slots on the joint list. The deal does not yet include the National Union party, led by Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, but it is expected to join the joint list shortly.

The latest election poll shows that a Netanyahu led right wing block would get 56 seats, against the center-left’s 57. Leiberman’s Yisrael Beyteinu would get 6 seats, enough to make him kingmaker (or spoiler) again. So basically we’re looking at another deadlock. Unless Gideon Sa’ar defeats Netanyahu for the leadership of the Likud party, in which case he would be able to join in a unity government with Blue and White.

Several vehicles were found torched and graffiti messages spray-painted in the Palestinian village of Fara’ata in the West Bank this morning. One of the graffiti slogans said, “Quiet will be met with quiet, regards from Kumi Ori.” Kumi Ori is a controversial Israeli outpost in the West Bank which has become a rallying point for extreme right-wing settlers.

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