Druze in Golan

Israel News for 11-6-17

Druze Appeal
Following a terror attack by the Nusra Front that claimed 18 lives in the Syrian Druze village of Hadar, the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel, Shaykh Muwaffak Tarīf, asked the IDF to warn the Nusra Front to stay away from the village. He said, “We didn’t ask and are not asking Israel to go into Syria or take over the village. The Nusra Front is under the watchful eye of the IDF, which could tell them: ‘Be careful, don’t go near this village, to us this is a red line.’ We’re counting on the IDF to do this.”

Tariff also told the PM, Defense Minister and IDF commanders, “Israel must stand beside the Druze and protect this village, and not let the Nusra Front conquer it and slaughter its people.”

The IDF gave assurances that it would prevent the Nusra Front, and any other terror group, from advancing on the village.

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Gaza Infighting
Despite the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah which gave the Palestinian Authority control over Gaza, the PA’s General Intelligence and Preventive Security service arrested 50 Hamas operatives in the West Bank in October. They also arrested 130 other operatives belonging to other groups including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

PA President Abbas is trying to assure that Hamas does not gain any power in the West Bank, in order to protect his own power.

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Kotel Ferraris
A few weeks ago directors of Ferrari, the international sports vehicle company, asked the Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall (Kotel) for permission to park several cars in part of the Western Wall plaza during the early morning hours of Friday in order to make a tour of Jerusalem—to be held several hours before Shabbat—easier. He rejected the request. Then they presented their request to a junior official of the Heritage Foundation, which administers the holy site, and he approved it.

Last Friday Kotel worshipers were shocked to see about twenty Ferraris parked at the holy site. The Chief Rabbi was away at the time, but when he heard the news he was furious. He said, “We won’t even allow a can of Coke to be sold here. We’re rejecting requests left and right to place beverage vending machines on the site, despite the heat and people’s thirst, and end up with a spectacle of 20 sparkling Ferraris? Out of the question.”

The rabbi and the CEO of the Heritage Foundation accepted full responsibility for the “grave, unfortunate error” and promised stricter measures are forthcoming.

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Coming Home
It has been revealed that Israeli diplomats, instructed by Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, have been involved in secret discussions with the government of Ukraine to obtain permission to transport the remains of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov from his tomb in Uman to Israel.

Tens of thousands of Israelis visit the tomb each year, particularly on Rosh Hashanah, since Rabbi Nachman promised that anyone who visits and prays at his grave on the holiday will be blessed and lifted up from the depths. But the phenomenon of having over 30,000 Jewish men leave the Holy Land to go to Ukraine for the High Holiday doesn’t sit well with many rabbinic authorities. Even leaders of the Breslov sect are pushing to move the rabbi’s remains and bring his blessings home to Israel.

But given the huge amount of revenue that Ukraine gets from the massive tourist trade driven by the rabbi’s tomb, the chances of them letting the remains live the country are extremely slim.

Perhaps cutting off that revenue stream for a couple of years by urging Israelis to stay away will persuade the Ukrainians to change their minds? Some well placed bribes will probably help too.

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Praying Together
Jewish and Arab volunteers work side by side in the United Hatzalah rescue service. President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer saw the video and said the following: “One of the things not mentioned nearly enough in the media is the cooperation and friendships that are formed by people of different faiths working together to achieve a common goal. At United Hatzalah, we have volunteers and staff members of all faiths represented in Israel, working together to save lives. Volunteering side by side, day in and day out achieves a bond of friendship between people of different faiths that is rarely seen in today’s polarizing world.”

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