Israel news summary

Israel News for 10-11-2021

News Update

Syrian media reported that Israel launched a missile strike on a military airbase in central Syria last Friday night. Two foreign fighters were killed and 6 Syrian army soldiers were injured.

Addressing a conference about the Golan’s future, Bennett said the internal Syrian strife had “persuaded many in the world that perhaps it is preferable that this beautiful and strategic territory be in the State of Israel’s hands. But even in a situation in which – as could happen – the world changes tack on Syria, or in relation to Assad, this has no bearing on the Golan Heights.” The PM said that his government will approve the establishment of two new settlements on the Golan Heights during a special cabinet meeting that will be held in the Golan next month. He said that the population of the Golan Heights that now numbers some 27,000 residents, must be increased to 100,000 and that his government will allot the funds for that purpose.

The government today approved the appointment of Ronen Bar as the new director of the Shin Bet domestic security agency. Bar served in the elite IDF commando unit Sayeret Matkal before joining the agency after his army service. He was tapped to lead the Shin Bet’s Operations Division in 2011, became head of the service’s resource development department in 2016 and was appointed the deputy head in 2018. Bar, 55, is married and the father of three. He has a bachelor’s degree in political sciences and philosophy from Tel Aviv University and a masters in public management from Harvard. PM Bennett said that Bar “is a brave soldier and commander, who throughout his life worked on the most important task of all – protecting Israel.” He added, “Bar grew from among the agency’s ranks, where he made enormous contributions to the security of the country and its citizens. I’m sure his appointment will raise the Shin Bet to new heights.”

Eight firefighting teams and two firefighting aircraft are battling a fire in Begin Park that reignited between Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem on Monday. The fire is not under control. The fire broke out in the same location where arson sparked a wildfire over the weekend.

Israeli archaeologists announced today that they have unearthed a massive ancient winemaking complex in the town of Yavneh in central Israel, that dates back 1,500 years to the period of Byzantine rule. To read more, click here.