Israel News for September 21, 2016

Turkish Attack
A Turkish man shouting “Allahu Akbar” and holding a knife and carrying a bag was shot in the leg by a security guard outside of the Israeli Embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara today. Authorities are in the process of checking the bag for explosives. The man is thought to be mentally unstable and not connected to any terrorist organization.

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Child Terrorist
A 13 year old Palestinian girl approached guards at the Eliyahu checkpoint near the settlement of Alfei Menashe in Samaria (West Bank) yesterday carrying a bag. The guards ordered the girl to stop. When she didn’t they fired warning shots into the air, but she continued approaching them. Then she put her hand under her shirt and the guards shot her in the leg, lightly wounding her. When she was subsequently questioned she said, “I came here to die.” No weapons were found on her.

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Change the Deal
Just a week after the US and Israel officially agreed on a ten year $38 billion military aid package, some US senators are calling it a raw deal for Israel and promising to do better.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and Ted Cruz have voiced their opposition to terms in the agreement they say are unfair to Israel and have promised to pass legislation to remedy the situation.

The senators are against the clause in the agreement that prohibits Israel from requesting more aid and obligates Israel to return any additional funds it does receive from Congress. They are also against the clause that prohibits Israel from spending any of the aid on purchases from Israeli military contractors.

The senators plan to append their legislation to a bill expected later this year calling for the renewal of sanctions against Iran.

Graham, who oversees the US foreign aid budget, said last week that Israel made a mistake by signing the agreement with the Obama administration. He said, “This is a very dramatic moment in the US-Israel relationship between Congress and the State of Israel. Congress is not going to sit on the sidelines,” and added, “Now is not the time to say that we’re going to nickel and dime Israel.”

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UN Speeches
In his address to the UN General Assembly yesterday, Egyptian President al-Sisi called on the Israelis and Palestinians to make peace. He asked the Palestinians to follow the example set by Egypt, in its peace treaty with Israel. He also directly addressed the Israeli government and people saying, “We have a real opportunity to write a bright page in the history of our region, to move toward peace.”

President Obama referred to Israel in his UN address saying, “And surely, Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel, but Israel recognizes that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.”

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Condolence Call
The family of Sayid Amro, the Jordanian terrorist who was killed attempting to stab Israeli civilians and police officers in Jerusalem on Friday, received a condolence letter from Palestinian Authority President Abbas. In the official letter, Abbas describes Amro as, “a martyr who has quenched the land of Palestine with his pure blood.”

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry condemned Israel called the killing of Amro “an act of barbarism.” This is after Israel sent the Jordanians video footage of the terrorist in action.

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