Israel News for February 4, 2016

Terror in Ramle
Early today, two 13 year old eighth graders from the Israeli Arab neighborhood of Jawarish in Ramle went to the central bus station in Ramle, a mixed Arab and Jewish city in central Israel. Sounds normal enough. But when the security guard asked them for their IDs, they pulled large kitchen knives from a school bag and stabbed him in the hand and leg. Other guards and civilians ran to help and subdued the girls. The security guard was lightly wounded in the attack.

Ramla Mayor Yoel Lavi said police was investigating the attack that “is uncharacteristic of the Arab sector in Ramla. Ramla is a multi-cultural city, in which people live in coexistence and in good neighborly relations, Jews alongside Arabs.”

Police praised the security guards for exercising restraint and subduing the girls without using their firearms. During the police interrogation, one of the girls said, “we came to kill Jews.”

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Jerusalem Terror
Near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday, a Border Police patrol, consisting of one male officer and two female recruits still in training, noticed two suspicious looking Arab males sitting on a bench. They approached and asked the men for identification. One of the men stood up, drew a gun from his coat and struck the officer’s head.

In the words of the Border Police officer, “I took a step back, saw he was aiming at me and was going to pull the trigger. I took two steps back, cocked my revolver and fired a bullet at him. Then I turned and saw someone with a knife stabbing [the border policewoman who survived] and I shot him. Then I heard shots, turned around and saw another terrorist shooting.” A policeman then arrived on the scene and shot the other terrorist.

Hagar Cohen, 19, one of the recruits in training, was killed in the attack. The other trainee was seriously wounded. All three terrorists were killed. They had submachine guns and explosives. Luckily, the explosives failed to detonate.

Cohen was recruited just two months ago and was sworn in last Thursday. Some of Cohen’s relatives criticized the fact that the Border Police would deploy inexperienced recruits in such a volatile area.

Police commanders praised the actions of the Border Police patrol and said that they, in all likelihood, prevented a much larger terror attack by confronting the terrorists before they had a chance to act.

Israeli forces have blockaded and sealed off the Qabatiya, near Jenin, which is the hometown of the terrorists. A large number of reinforcements have arrived in the area. Several terror suspects have been arrested and the homes of the three terrorists have been prepared for demolition.

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Abbas Strikes Again
Just hours after the terror attack in Jerusalem that claimed the life of a Border Police recruit, PA President Abbas met with the families of eleven terrorists at his office in Ramallah.

The terrorists, all from the Jerusalem, committed their deadly and destructive attacks during the last four months. Their families want Abbas to get Israel to return their bodies for burial. Abbas told the families that he is making efforts to get the bodies returned, calling the terrorists martyrs.

Surprised by any of this?

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Youths Sentenced
The Jerusalem District Court has sentenced the two minors convicted of the July 2014 murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who burned to death in an apparent revenge attack for the murder of the three Jewish teens near Hebron. One received a life sentence and the other, 21 years in prison. Each minor will also be forced to pay the Abu Khdeir family 30,000 shekels (about $7,700) in compensation (not sure how they came up with that number).

The minor sentenced to 21 years was not sentenced to life because the court determined he didn’t take part in the actual murder, only the actions that preceded it. “He is the youngest of the bunch, with potential for rehabilitation,” the judgement read.

The court is expected rule in the case of the main defendant, Yosef Chaim Ben David, after he undergoes a final psychiatric evaluation (since he pleaded insanity just before sentencing).

The parents of the victim aren’t happy with the verdict, claiming that justice was not done. But the sentences seem to be in line with what Palestinian terrorists receive, and there’s no chance that the Jewish convicts will ever be released in a prisoner exchange. So I’d say justice has indeed been served.

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Tokyo Tel Aviv
Israelis have become a common site in India and Thailand. Their next popular distention might be Japan. Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) launched flights from Tel Aviv to Tokyo via Europe six weeks ago, and the airline is satisfied, to say the least. ANA senior VP Yutaka Ito, who is visiting Israeli, said, “The Israeli market is important to us. We recognize its great and growing potential, and are interested in the passenger traffic between the two countries.”

An estimated 20,000 Israelis flew to Japan last year, half of them business passengers and half vacationers. Ito says this number has been growing yearly, thereby paving the way for the establishment of a local ANA office and investment in the business, which for now is focusing mainly on Israeli tourists, rather than bringing tourists from Japan to Israel.

And most importantly, sushi in Japan is about half the price of what it is in Tel Aviv. So the sushi savings might be enough to pay for your next flight. It’s worth a try.

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