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Israel News for 8-8-17

Apache Pilot Killed
An Israel Air Force Apache pilot was killed and his co-pilot was seriously injured when the helicopter crashed last night at the Ramon Air Base. The helicopter was returning to base from a routine training flight when it encountered a technical malfunction. The pilots reported the malfunction to the control tower and continued approaching for landing. Shortly after that, the helicopter crashed between the two runways in the base.

The pilot, Maj. (res.) David (Dudi) Zohar, 43, from Haifa was a father of five. His grandmother was a survivor of Auschwitz and always said that her grandson was her revenge against the Nazis. She passed away earlier this year at the age of 95.

The co-pilot was rushed to the Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva, where he underwent surgery overnight and remains in serious condition.

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No Scandals
Summer vacation is traditionally a very slow time for Israel news, which is usually a good thing. Unfortunately, the Israeli media is currently busy reporting various scandals that are rocking the Israeli government. The Prime Minister, the PM’s wife and various government ministers are under investigation for alleged crimes including accepting bribes, corruption and misappropriating public funds. Many of these investigations have been going on for months (or longer).

If you’re interested in following them you’ll need to go directly to the media sources. We’ve decided not to report them while they are still only allegations. There’s already enough actual bad news to report. If the allegations against the PM or another major political figure turn into actual indictments, we’ll let you know. Until then, we’ll focus on actual events and leave the investigations and allegations to the police investigators, and hold firmly to the “innocent until proven guilty” rule.

Israeli Football
American football is alive and well in the Holy Land, in one form or another. And some talented players are hitting the big time.

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Hassidic Blues
Lazer Lloyd is known as ‘Israel King of Blues.’ After becoming religious through the influence of the late iconic rabbi-composer Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, he moved to Israel 20 years ago, and has been wowing audiences ever since.

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Cause Israel
If you’d like to support Israel but don’t know how to do it, a new website can help. CauseIsrael.org helps you find the right way for you to support Israel by curating recommendations of thoroughly vetted nonprofits doing impactful work in Israel. The organizations span the range of causes and political leanings, so you’re sure to find the cause that fits your particular interest.

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