Israel News for 8-9-17

Israel Hits Gaza
Israeli jets attacked two Hamas outposts in Gaza overnight in response to a rocket fired from Gaza that fell in an open area in Israel yesterday. Palestinian sources claimed that three people were wounded in the attack. Hamas said, “This is crossing a dangerous line that Israel will bear the consequences of. We will not allow Gaza to be turned into a testing field for Israeli ammunition.”

Although the rocket was most likely fired by an extremist group other than Hamas, Israel holds Hamas responsible for any military activity in Gaza.

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Injured Pilot Improves
The pilot severely injured this week in an Apache helicopter crash that killed Capt. Dudi Zohar showed his first signs of improvement when he moved his arms and legs at Soroka Medical Center, where he is being treated. Doctors performed life saving surgery on him after the crash.

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Iraqis for Israel
Israel is apparently getting support from an unlikely source: Iraq. Thousands of messages from Iraqis have been hitting Israel’s social media outlets showing sympathy and support for Israel as a country who shares their bitter experience with, and fight against, terrorism.

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Inspirational Video
This music video of Israeli singing stars Moshe Peretz and Omer Adam singing a song called Modeh Ani will definitely inspire you. The song is based on the first prayer recited each morning in which we thank God for returning our souls to us for a new day. But even before the music starts the singers do something that will touch your soul and help you understand the deep bond between the Jewish People, God and the Land of Israel.

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