Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-27-2021

News Update

PM Bennett’s meeting with President Biden was postponed until later today, due to the terror attack in Kabul. The PM expressed his condolence to President Biden over the phone. On Wednesday the PM met with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Both reiterated the US commitment to Israel’s security.

Israel announced on Wednesday that it will allow more imports into Gaza, including new cars, commercial goods and equipment for civilian projects. It will also issue more permits for Gazan merchants to enter Israel. The move comes after a protest on Wednesday along the Israel-Gaza border, in which hundreds of Palestinians called for an easing of Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Hamas operatives kept protestors away from the Israeli security fence, preventing violent outbreaks.

The Health Ministry today reported 8,078 new corona cases on Thursday, with an infection rate of 6.7. At least 689 patients are in severe condition, of whom 149 are ventilated. The official death toll now stands at 6,943.

The IDF will be vacating 3 bases by the end of this year, near Haifa, Petah Tikva and Rishon Letziyon. To read more, click here.