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Israel News for 6-23-2023

News Update

Hundreds of settlers have gathered at the Evyatar outpost in northern Samaria and have begun building a settlement, with government approval. The settlement was begun 2 years ago, but was evacuated in a compromise with the Bennet government, with the promise of resuming construction after the government conducted various land surveys. The settlement building was not resumed until now. The outpost is still officially considered illegal, but settlers are hoping that the current government will make it legal.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Shomron Regional Council, said, “We’re in Evyatar to stay. The government needs to approve the settlement today, regardless of the terror attack. But certainly, after so much blood was shed, the response needs to be the establishment of new settlements. Evyatar is legal seeing that the Israeli government signed an agreement for it.”

In the wake of settler violence against people and property in the Palestinian village of Turmus Aya, in revenge of the the terror attack that killed 4 Israelis earlier this week, US State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel said, “We are concerned about reports of attacks by extremist settlers against Palestinians. We condemn these violent acts. We expect the Israeli government to prosecute those responsible for these attacks in addition to providing compensation for the property destroyed.” One Palestinian was killed and 3 wounded in the violence.

Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar spoke with UN officials and warned that the Palestinian Authority has lost its ability to enforce order in the West Bank areas under their jurisdiction. He added that there are lawless areas in the northern West Bank, which is the reason the IDF has to operate there.

Starting next month, Palestinians with American citizenship residing in the West Bank will be able to use Ben Gurion Airport, just like Israeli citizens. Palestinians must leave and reenter the West Bank via Jordan. But to fulfill the requirements to enter the visa exemption program with the US, Israel must grant equal treatment to all American citizens, irrespective of their origin. For more, click here.

Israel’s carrot and potato exports this year are breaking records, aided by a drought in Spain, Portugal and Italy and a wet winter in Israel. Russia had been Israel’s largest export market for carrots and potatoes, but the Ukraine war has made exports to Russia difficult.