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Israel News for 11-5-18

Terrorist Stopped
A terrorist who attempted to stab civilians and an IDF officer outside of Kiryat Arba, near Hebron, was shot by an alert soldier. No Israeli were injured and the terrorist was lightly wounded. The IDF is investigating.

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Palestinian Authority
For the past few months, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been waging a fierce campaign against Palestinians selling real estate and lands in east Jerusalem to Jews. Palestinian officials, in coordination with the PA defense establishment, have detained several east Jerusalem residents and have launched investigations into others suspected of making real estate deals with Jewish citizens.

In response, Israeli police detained Adnan Rit, the Governor of the Jerusalem District of the Palestinian Authority and Jihad Al-Faqeeh, the head of Palestinian intelligence in the city. Two Palestinians were wounded on Sunday while trying to prevent the security forces from entering Rit’s office to search it. Police confiscated computers and documents.

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Ceasefire Deal
The Hamas-affiliated Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar published on Saturday an initial draft of the ceasefire deal between Hamas and Israel. The draft, which has not been finalized yet and is still being negotiated, includes 10 provisions:

1. Hamas will restrain the riots along the Gaza border fence, punishing protesters violating the terror organization’s orders.

2. Cessation of Monday’s weekly demonstrations—including the flotillas embarking from Gaza towards the strip’s naval border with Israel—in northern Gaza near Kibbutz Zikim.

3. The continuation of the “March of Return” campaign in its non-violent manner form until the end of the year.
4. Egypt will work to lift 70 percent of the siege imposed on Gaza until the complete termination of the riots.
5. Gaza’s fishing zone will increase up to 14 nautical miles.
6. The strip’s crossings will open permanently, and 5,000 Gazans under the age of 40 will be granted work permits allowing them to be employed in Israel.The work permits will be granted only after the Palestinian Authority pays 80 percents of the salaries of Gaza’s government workers, and agrees that Qatar pays the salaries of Hamas officials.
7. Egypt will work to implement the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, on which currently negotiations talks are not being held.
8. A calm of at least three years on the Gaza border under international supervision under the auspices of the United Nations and Russia.
9. A permanent opening of the Rafah crossing and additional crossings for transferring goods into Gaza in order to support the strip’s power station and infrastructures.
10. Launching projects meant to provide 30,000 work places for universities graduates in Gaza.

Egyptian intelligence officers are mediating between Israel and Hamas.

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Teen Marchers
Over 100 teenage students living in Israeli communities near Gaza started a 5 day march to the Knesset to raise awareness of the ongoing tensions on the Gaza border. The teens will be joined by other students from across the country. The students have the full support of their parents and other organizations who will provide them with supplies.

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American Products
Shufersal, the large Israeli supermarket chain, has just launched a new website called American Outlets. The site, which is in Hebrew, lets Israelis purchase a broad range of American items ranging from well-known fashion brands to electrical and electronics goods, and household products directly from US warehouses — without paying VAT or customs duties for purchases up to $75. Delivery will be made by UPS directly to the customer’s home in 7-14 days and will cost $15 for a package the size of a shoebox weighing three kilograms, with heavier packages costing more.

Due to legal restrictions, Shufersal does not currently own the import company behind American Outlets; it is merely an intermediary, marketing the products from huge logistical warehouses in the US sending products to Israel, with headquarters located in Miami. Shufersal gets a commission on each sale.

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