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Israel News for 10-16-17

IAF Strikes
Israeli Airforce (IAF) fighter jets filching over Lebanese airspace today were fired upon by a Syrian army surface-to-air missile battery. The missile missed and the Israeli jets destroyed the missile battery and returned home safely. IDF Spokesman Ronen Manelis said, “We’re prepared for any possibility. This was a Syrian provocation, and we will not allow it. On the other hand, we have no intention of escalating.”

The incident occurred shortly before an expected visit by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu to Israel. The Russians were updated about the attack as it occurred.

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Rockets from Sinai
Two rockets were fired into Israel (near Gaza) from Sinai yesterday. There were no casualties or damage. ISSI claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming that they were targeting Israeli aircraft in the area.

Earlier in the day, suspected ISIS terrorists attacked six checkpoints in the northern Sinai peninsula, killing six Egyptian soldiers and wounding 37.

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Terrorist Arrested
Security forces arrested a 19 year old Palestinian as he was trying to enter the military court in Samaria with a pipe bomb concealed in his underwear. The suspect, from Jenin, aroused the suspicion of the checkpoint guards when he refused to undergo a body search, which included the use of metal detectors.

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Arab MK vs IDF
Ayman Odeh, the leader of the Arab Joint List Knesset faction, said yesterday that attacks on Israeli soldiers in the West Bank fall under the category of legitimate struggle against “occupation.” He said, “Israeli soldiers shouldn’t be in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and people under occupation have the right to fight.” He added, “A people under occupation has the right to struggle. The red line for me is harming civilians.” The Joint List holds 13 sets in the Knesset.

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PM vs. Police
PM Netanyahu lashed out against the Israel police for what he claims is a “tsunami” of leaks relating to investigations against him. This was in response to reports that the police what continue the investigations into several bribery and corruption investigations against the PM, following a hiatus during the High Holidays. Opposition leaders attacked the PM and defended the police.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu, along with several Likud lawmakers, are trying to pass a new law in the Knesset that would grant a sitting Prime Minister complete immunity from any investigations.

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Ancient Commentary
Synagogues throughout the world, this past Shabbat, began reading the Torah from the “beginning” again, after completing the annual Torah reading cycle on Simchat Torah last week.

In the very first verse, the famous biblical commentator Rashi provides an insight that should resonate particularly in today’s world. He asks, given that the Torah is a book of laws and ethical teachings (and not a history book), why does the Torah begin with the story of creation instead of with the first commandment (mitzvah) or ethical lesson?

Rashi cites an answer from an earlier source explaining that the reason is that when the nations of the world will accuse the Jewish People of stealing the Land of Israel from the nations, we will be able to show them that God created the world and can allocate it to whomever He sees fit.

This commentary (Rashi) was written in the 11th century, and still holds as true today as ever.

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