Israel news summary

Israel News for 10-18-2021

News Update
Syrian media is claiming that Israel assassinated Midhat Saleh, a 54 year old former member of Syria’s parliament, who previously spent 12 years in an Israeli prison. The assassination reportedly took place in the Syrian village of Ain al-Tinah, overlooking Majdal Shams on the Israeli side of the border. The area has a heavy Hezbollah military presence. Saleh was allegedly killed by sniper fire from the Israeli side of the border. Israel media reported that he was known to be helping establish the Iranian military presence in Syria. The IDF spokesman had no comment.

A 37 year old Palestinian woman holding a knife was arrested by Border Police officers as she approached the settlement of Har Adar.

Qatar has resumed providing millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to Gaza. The money, $100 per individual, is given directly to the individual via a special credit card that draws the funds held by the UN. Israel approved of this system of money transfer, since it prevents the money from going directly into the hands of Hamas.

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde is visiting Israel. After visiting Yad Vashem she tweeted, “A very painful but crucial visit. On behalf of Sweden I promise that we say never again and mean it. We will continue to take actions to combat antisemitism in all its form and to make sure we never forget.”

Public Security Minister Omer Barlev said yesterday that the status quo on Temple Mount will remain unchanged. That means Jews will continue to be prohibited from praying on the mount.

The Health Ministry reported that there were 1,199 new daily COVID-19 on Sunday. The infection rate now stands at 1.45%. At least 372 patients are in severe condition, of whom 162 are ventilated. The official death toll now stands at 7,999. The Health Ministry today approved the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine to adults over 18.

Palestinians living in the Palestinian Authority and in Gaza and now getting vaccinated in much greater numbers. To read more, click here.

Today Israel will mark 26 years since the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by extremist Yigal Amir in 1995.