Israel News for March 2, 2017

Terror Attack
A Palestinian terrorist infiltrated the Mor Farm outpost near the settlement Teneh Omarim in the southern Mount Hebron area of Judea. A resident, Shabtai Kushelevski, heard noises and exited his house, where he saw the terrorist holding two knives. He ran home to get his gun, chased by the terrorist. They both entered the home, where the terrorist stabbed him before his wife and children.

Luckily, the Kushelevski family dog Sofie jumped into action and attacked the terrorist, allowing Kushelevski to grab his gun and shoot and kill the terrorist. Kushelevski was only lightly injured.

Yekutiel Ben Yakov, Director of the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a non-profit organization that helps place protection dogs throughout Judea and Samaria said, “We continue to urge Jews to arm themselves with dogs, which have proven to be the most effective biological weapon. The proper use of dogs can save many Jewish lives.”

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Rocket Strike
A rocket fired from Gaza landed in an open area near the coastline south of Ashkelon. There were no reports of damage or injuries. There were also no claims of responsibility, although Israel holds Hamas responsible for any attacks emanating from Gaza.

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PM Praises Trump
In the wake of President Trump’s public condemnation of anti-semitism in his address to Congress on Tuesday night, PM Netanyahu, in a pre-recorded message to the Jewish People Policy Institute’s annual conference, told participants he “appreciate[s] the fact that in the last few weeks and days, President Trump and Vice President Pence have taken a strong stance in condemning anti-Semitism.”

He said, “This is what we expect too from European leaders. Most of them have done it and this is what we must demand from governments around the world because Jews around the world should not live in fear. World leaders need to unequivocally condemn anti-Semitism wherever it is found.”

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