Israel News for December 1, 2016

Knesset Modesty
Visitors to Ultra Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem are used to seeing signs warning women to dress “modestly”. Now visitors to the Knesset will need to cover up too.

The Knesset has issued an updated dress code for visitors and employees that bans miniskirts, short dresses, tank tops, shorts, ripped pants, flip flops, open backed clogs and shirts with political slogans. The rules apply to those over the age of 14. Most of these rules already existed except for the miniskirt one, which was just added.

Knesset guards will be on the lookout for dress code violators.

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Abbas and Trump
In a speech to his Fatah party that lasted over three hours, PA President Abbas pledged to seek incoming President Trump’s support in creating an independent Palestinian state. Abbas said, “We hope that he will be able to offer something to the Palestinian cause, to offer a solution, a sane, balanced and fair (solution).” Abbas also repeated his claim that a Palestinian state must include all of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, as well as praising several terrorists as martyrs.

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Rabbis Investigate
A panel of senior rabbis has been formed by Tzfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu to investigate numerous accusations by women against an MK from Bayit Yehudi. The rabbis are investigating the testimonies of the accusers but have yet to ask the MK to give his side of the story. The MK vehemently denies all accusations.

Several female MKs for Meretz have called on Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennet to investigate the matter but he has supported the MK in question and recommended that any accusations be brought before the police. Non of the accusers have approached the police as of yet.

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No to Tanks
The IDF’s Armored Corps is having some recruiting trouble. A group of 86 new recruits this week refused to be drafted into the tank corps, asking to be placed in different combat units, such as the infantry. The new soldiers, who make up almost half of the November draftees placed in the Armored Corps, were tried on the spot and put under arrest for refusing an order.

An IDF official remarked, “We’re not going to grovel or beg them. There are many among them who refused out of ignorance, because they simply didn’t know anything about serving on a tank, the many advantages it has, and how unique this kind of service is compared to others. The representatives we sent to them were able to convince a small part of them to go to the Armored Corp training base, but others remain in their refusal.”

The IDF is currently working on integrating women into combat roles in the Armored Corps as a result of the shortage of willing male recruits [ you’d think this would actually be an incentive for guys to join ]. There’s even a Facebook group called “Induction Center Refusniks—Combat” where soldiers exchange advice about how to refuse draft postings and get the one you really want, even if it means sitting in jail for a few days.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office said, “The draftees’ placement was done based on the army’s needs, while making the utmost effort to take their desires and aspirations into consideration. The IDF condemns the refusniks and works to put an end to the trend.”

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Lieberman Visits Rebbe
Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman arrived in NY yesterday on a visit. His first stop was to visit the grave of the Rivnitze Rebbe in Monsey, where he lit a candle and recited psalms. The rebbe had been close to the Lieberman family while they were still in Russia. When Lieberman was just 10 years old, the rebbe “prophecized” that he would grow up to successful and great.

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