Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-2-2023

News Update

There are reports of a shooting attack near the Hamra Junction in the Jordan Valley. One person is reported injured. Troops are searching the area for terrorists.

A terrorist shot and wounded six people yesterday near a shopping mall in Maale Adumim. An off-duty policeman getting a haircut in a nearby barber shop heard the shooting and ran out to confront the terrorist, who began shooting at him. The policeman, who was celebrating his wedding anniversary, shot and killed the terrorist. Hamas praised the terror attack.

The Supreme Court met today to deliberate over the rights of LGBTQ families to adopt children, in response to two petitions filed by LGBTQ families and advocates and the Reform Movement. Current Israeli law states that only married heterosexuals have the right to adopt children. That law was found to be discriminatory by the Supreme Court in 2017 and the government promised to amend the law by 2019, but no change has yet been made.

France’s former foreign minister met with Hezbollah representatives on Tuesday on behalf of French President Macron and told them to calm the situation along Israel’s northern border.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today launched its Israel cloud infrastructure region. The company has built three data centers in Israel. AWS said that it plans investing an estimated $7.2 billion in Israel by 2037.