Israel news summary

Israel News for 7-14-2021

News Update

The United Arab Emirates opened its embassy in Tel Aviv today. President Herzog attended the ceremony. Israel opened its embassy in the UAE last month.

The ambassadors from France, Germany, England and Romania boycotted a Fourth of July celebration held at the US embassy in Jerusalem because their countries do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the U.S. embassy building is located beyond the Green Line.

President Herzog had a 40 minute long phone conversation with Turkish president Erdogan this week. Erdogan congratulated Herzog on his election as president, and the two discussed relations between their countries including cooperation in the fields of energy, tourism and technology.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid addressed his 26 European counterparts during a speech to the EU Foreign Affairs Council. Lapid said it is “no secret” that he supports a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, but he noted that the conditions are not currently in place for a peace agreement. Lapid said he supported all humanitarian activities in favor of the Palestinians and any efforts made to improve their economic situation. He also declared that Israel is seeking to open a new chapter in its relations with the EU, emphasizing the liberal values shared by Israel and European states.

The Knesset opposition, let by former PM Netanyahu, is working on a bill that would bar the United States from reopening its diplomatic mission for Palestinians in Jerusalem. The bill is a clear attempt by the opposition to place the government in conflict with the US administration. PM Bennett has tried to delay the reopening of the US mission to avoid conflict within his fragile coalition.

An Arab terrorist, armed with a knife, attempted to infiltrate into the Israeli settlement of Yitzhar in Samaria this morning. Soldiers intercepted the terrorist and shot him in the legs when he tried to stab them. The terrorist had been released from an Israeli prison several months ago following a series of attacks on Israeli security personnel and the chief of security for Yitzhar.

For the second straight day, the Health Ministry Wednesday morning reported over 750 new coronavirus cases.