Israel news summary

Israel News for 6-4-18

Terrorist Infiltration
Early today 2 terrorists carrying an axe attempted to cut the border fence and cross into Israel from Gaza. IDF troops arrived at the scene and shot and killed one of the terrorists. The other terrorist was wounded and managed to escape back into Gaza.

Last night, terrorists from Gaza cut through the border fence and infiltrated into southern Israel, where they set fire to a container containing equipment used for the construction of an anti-tunnel barrier along the border. The terrorists escaped back across the border into Gaza. No injuries were reported but significant damage was caused.

Also yesterday, an incendiary kite sent from Gaza started a fire that swept through the Shokeda Forest in southern Israel. PM Netanyahu called for implementing a plan that would allocate compensation taken from Palestinian Authority (PA) funds for Israeli communities bordering Gaza that suffer damage as a result of terror activity from Gaza.

On Saturday night 4 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza. Three out of the four rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome. The Israel Air Force responded to the rockets by attacking Hamas military targets in Gaza.

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Nato Exercise
IDF Paratroopers will participate in a large scale Nato military exercise being held in Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. They will train with the 173rd Brigade of the European Command of the US Army. Soldiers from 10 other countries will also take part in the exercise. Paratroopers will also participate in another exercise that will take place in Eastern Europe.

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Singing Star
Israeli singing star Shiri Maimon confirmed that she will be starring in the hit musical “Chicago” on Broadway, beginning on September 21. She announced the news at a large Israeli celebration at Times Square last night.

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