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Israel News for 6-1-2020

News Update

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As Israel continues to open up and return to some degree of “normalcy”, cases of coronavirus are beginning to rise, although in very small numbers. On Friday 133 new cases were reported, the highest number since the beginning of May. There were 53 new confirmed cases over the weekend. Public transportation is thought to be a major factor in the transmission of the virus.

There have also been cases of infection in several schools throughout the country, sending thousands of students, teachers and families into quarantine. The Health Ministry is calling on Israelis to get tested if they are sick or have been near someone who was sick. The ministry currently can conduct 15,000 tests a day.

According to a report in Israel Hayom today, Israel and Saudi Arabia have been holding secret talks since December of 2019, brokered by the US, regarding placing Saudi representatives on the Islamic Waqf responsible for administering the Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount.

An airstrike in eastern Syria on Sunday killed five Iranian-backed militiamen in 3 military vehicles. Israel is thought to be responsible for the attack.

The US ambassador to Lebanon said yesterday that the US will impose new sanctions against Hezbollah, starting immediately.

According to a new survey of 400 Israeli startups, in a broad range of industries, a large percentage are suffering from a shortage of finance and from a substantial decline in sales, and are being forced to cut manpower and pay. Many are dealing with the danger of closing altogether. To read more about this click here.