Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-20-19

IDF Kills Terrorists
Early today, 2 terrorists threw several explosive devices at IDF troops guarding Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem (Nablus). Troops opened fire at the terrorists, killing both of them.

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IDF forces killed the terrorist who murdered an IDF soldier and a rabbi near Ariel on Sunday. Omar Abu-Laila was killed in a shootout in the West Bank village of Abwein, near Ramallah, after he opened fire on IDF forces who surrounded his house.

Meanwhile, the condition of Alexander Dvorsky, the 19 year old IDF soldier who was also shot by the terrorist, has significantly improved and his life is no longer in danger. Dvorsky immigrated from Moldova several years ago. His family lives in Nazareth-Illit.

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Pompeo Visit
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Israel this week as part of trip during which he will also visit Kuwait City and Beirut.

In Jerusalem, the Secretary will meet with Israeli officials to engage on critical regional issues, including countering the Iranian regime’s malign influence and reaffirming the United States’ unwavering commitment to Israel’s security. The Secretary will also discuss the Administration’s dedication to monitoring and combatting anti-Semitism. He will also participate in a meeting with Israeli, Cypriot, and Greek leaders to discuss key energy and security issues facing the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Pompeo does not plan to talk about the highly anticipated Trump Middle East peace plan. “Look, we desperately want a good solution. Mr. Kushner’s working on the Middle East peace plan. There’ll be a right time when we will introduce bigger pieces of that.”

Pompeo will not meet with any Palestinian leaders.

Regarding speculation that his visit just weeks before the Israeli elections is a show of support for PM Netanyahu, Pompeo said, “I’m going to Israel because of the important relationship we have. Leaders will change in both countries over time. That relationship matters no matter who the leaders are.”

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Tel Aviv Costs
According to the 2019 worldwide cost of living report published by the Economist, Tel Aviv is the 10th most expensive city in the world. Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong share the top ranking, followed by Zurich, Geneva, and Osaka. New York tied Seoul and Copenhagen for sixth place. Tel Aviv shares the last spot in the rankings with Los Angeles.

The survey compares the prices of more than 160 products and services in cities around the world, including food and drinks, clothing, household supplies, average monthly rent, utility bills, private schools, and recreational activities.

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Fast of Esther
Today is the Fast of Esther, commemorating the fast that Esther requested the Jews of Persia to observe as a way of beseeching God to grant her favor in the eyes of King Ahashverosh, so that she could plead for the salvation of the Jewish People. [Today we also have much to beseech God for.]

We celebrate the holiday of Purim tonight (Wed) and tomorrow (Thur), which commemorate the salvation of the Jews of the Persian empire, who were slated for destruction by the evil royal minister Haman. We read the Book of Esther (megillah), give charity and gifts and enjoy a festive meal. We also dress up in costume [to learn more about why we do that, listen to my “Jewish Wisdom” podcast Purim episode].

May we be saved from our enemies.

Happy Purim!