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Israel News for 2-7-18

Terror Attack
Early this morning a terrorist stabbed a security guard in the settlement of Karmei Tzur in Gush Etzion. Another security guard shot and killed the terrorist. The guard was lightly wounded in the hand and taken to hospital for treatment. Security forces went to the terrorist’s village of Halhul, not far from Karmei Tzur, to question his relatives. Rioters hurled stones at the troops. Several were arrested.

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Fugitive Terrorist
On Monday Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, a 29 year old teacher and father of 4 from Har Bracha, was stabbed to death near the entrance to the city of Ariel in Samaria. He was laid to rest yesterday.

The terrorist, 19 year old Abed al-Karim Adel Assi, is still on the loose. He is a resident of Jaffa and is the son of an Israeli-Arab mother from Haifa and a Palestinian father from Nablus. His mother said, “My son has no right to hurt anyone. I condemn what he did, and I call on him to turn himself in, because what he did will not help anyone. On the contrary, he ruined himself and he ruined everything.”

The terrorist was abandoned by his parents as a child, became a drug addict, and lived in various social service homes in Israel. Growing up, he had no contact with his mother but continued to visit his father in Nablus, where he apparently became radicalized.

Security forces are hunting for the terrorist.

Meanwhile, security forces yesterday shot and killed Ahmed Nassar Jarrar, the head of the terror cell responsible for the murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevah. The terrorist was hiding in the village of Yamun, near Jenin. The governor of Jenin condemned Israel for killing Jarrar.

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Israel Attacks Syria
The Syrian army claims that Israeli fighter jets fired missiles at a Syrian army outpost near Damascus early today and that Syrian air defense batteries destroyed most of the missiles. The Syrian army released a statement saying, “The general command of the armed forces holds Israel fully responsible for the dangerous consequences for its repeated, aggressive and uncalculated adventures.”

Israel is trying to prevent sophisticated Iranian weapons from being transferred to Hezbollah forces in Syria. Over the last few years Israel has reportedly carried out close to 100 attacks against weapons convoys and depots in Syria.

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Northern Border
PM Netanyahu and members of the Security Cabinet toured the Golan Heights Tuesday afternoon and received briefings from IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and other generals. At the end of the tour the PM said, “We desire peace, but remain prepared for any scenario, and I don’t propose to anyone to test that resolve. I’m impressed with the immense efforts of the IDF here to protect both our borders and our country.”

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s President, PM and Parliament Speaker agreed to “strenuously continue efforts on all levels to prevent Israel from constructing a concrete wall within Lebanese territory.” Israel claims that the wall is being built on Israeli territory.

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