Israel news summary

Israel News for 11-30-2022

News Update

A female IDF soldier was run over by a terrorist driving a vehicle near the settlement of Kohav Ya’akov. The terrorist fled the scene, but was eventually shot and killed by Israeli forces after he was stopped at a roadblock. The soldier was evacuated to the hospital in serious but stable condition. The terrorist was a 45 year old father of 5 from the city of Betunia near Ramallah. He had an Israeli work permit and had worked at a supermarket.

IDF troops came under attack overnight when two military vehicles stalled just outside the town of Beit Ummar, near Hebron, on Tuesday morning. Rioters threw bombs and fired shots at soldiers, who responded with live fire. Palestinian sources report that three attackers were killed.

A report published by the State Comptroller found that 38% of female conscripts serving in the Israeli Prison system said that they experienced sexual abuse of some form during their service and that 70% of said abuse was committed by a permanent employee or a commander. In the IDF, 33% of female conscripts said they were sexually harassed at least once during their service, and 32% reported the abuse to a relevant supervisor. For more, click here.

Likud and Religious Zionism met for hours last night and today, and are reportedly prepared to sign a coalition agreement later today. As part of the agreement Religious Zionism leader Smotrich and Shas leader Deri will share the finance and interior ministries, trading places after 2 years. Coalition agreements have still not be signed with Shas or United Torah Judaism. Soon-to-be Prime Minister Netanyahu is reportedly planning to ask President Herzog for a 14 day extension to form a government. He needs time to pass a law in the Knesset that would allow Shas leader Deri to serve as a minister despite the fact that he served prison time for tax evasion.

Almost 6,000 electric cars were delivered to Israel in November, setting a new record. Tesla has led the way in November with 2,300 EV deliveries. The company plans opening a showroom in central Israel with a ‘pay and take’ policy. Chinese carmaker Geely leads the way in overall 2022 EV car sales in Israel. The sharp rise in EV sales is ahead of a purchase tax rise in Israel in January 2023.