Israel news summary

Israel News for 11-20-2019

News Update

IDF airstrikes hit dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria early this morning. The targets included surface-to-air missiles, weapons warehouses and military bases near Damascus. Eleven militants were killed. After the Syrian military fired an air defense missile, a number of Syrian aerial defense batteries were also destroyed.

The Israeli strikes came in response to 4 Iranian rocket that was fired from Syria into the Golan on Tuesday. All 4 rockets were intercepted. Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said, “The rules have changed: whoever fires on Israel during the day will not sleep at night. Our message to the leaders of Iran is simple: you are no longer immune. Any place you dispatch your tentacles, we will chop them off.”

Blue and White leader Gantz met with PM Netanyahu last night in another attempt to form a unity government, with less than 12 hours remaining until he must return his mandate to form a government to the president. But reports say that the Blue and White leadership, including Yair Lapid, Moshe Ya’alon and Gabi Ashkenazi, are refusing to join a government led by Netanyahu.

Yisrael Beiteynu leader Lieberman, who holds the key to a non-unity government coalition, said that the country is headed for another round of elections since neither Gantz nor Netanyahu is willing to make the compromises necessary to form a unity government. Lieberman has said he will not join a narrow coalition either on the right or left. That leaves only 2 options: unity or elections.

The US, on Monday, reversed its long held position that Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal according to international law. Israel is clearly happy with the policy change. The Palestinians are furious. The US evangelical community, President Trumps main base of support, praised the move. The UN says the settlements are still illegal.