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Israel News for 10-11-2019

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The One and Only – The Likud party’s central committee voted Thursday night for a resolution affirming that PM Netanyahu will be the Likud’s one and only candidate for the premiership during the 22nd Knesset. That means he will be the only candidate that all the members of the party will back, squelching any possibility of chief rival Gideon Sa’ar of challenging the PM — at least this time around.

PM Netanyahu condemned the Turkish invasion of Kurdish areas in Syria and warned of an “ethnic cleansing” against the Kurds. added that Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the “gallant Kurdish people.” He added that Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the “gallant Kurdish people.”

Economic Progress – Israel is working with the Palestinian Authority to reach compromises on economic related issues to improve the Palestinian economy. Finance Minister Moshe Kahalon is leading the Israeli side. He is the only Israeli government minister in regular contact with the Palestinian leadership.

The severe Palestinian economic crisis came as a result of the PA refusing to accept around 500 million shekels a month of tax money collected by Israel on behalf of the Palestinians, because Israel has been withholding an amount of money equal to the money that the PA pays as pensions to the families of terrorists (around NIS 40,000). Despite the compromises reached to improve the Palestinian economic situation, Israel is continuing to withhold the terror payments sum. (source: Globes)

Jordanians are furious at the arrest and 2 month detention of a 24 year old Jordanian woman by Israel. The woman was attempting to cross the border at the Allenby Bridge to attend the wedding of a relative in the West Bank when she was arrested and handed over the Shin Bet, who have reportedly placed her in administrative detention for up to 6 months. The Shin Bet has declined to provide any information on why the woman was arrested.

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry recently sent a strongly-worded letter to Israel’s embassy in Amman demanding her immediate release.

The prisoner launched a hunger strike over two weeks ago to protest her arrest and holding conditions, drinking only water, and has lost around 10 kilograms. Her lawyer says she has been isolated, abused, verbally assaulted and held in brutal conditions. He said interrogators had threatened her that she could be held for years and never allowed to return to Jordan.

Israel has declined to comment on the situation. (source: TOI)

Arab MK’s led a convoy of hundreds of cars from the north of Israel to Jerusalem on their way to a meeting with Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan to discuss ways to combat the rising violence in Israel’s Arab communities yesterday.

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