Israel news summary

Israel News for 1-30-2023

News Update

The Palestinian Health Ministry claimed that IDF troops in Hebron shot and killed a 26 year old Palestinian today near the Tomb of the Patriarchs. The IDF reported that troops ordered a suspicious vehicle to stop, but the vehicle continued and attempted to run over a soldier. Troops fired at the escaping vehicle and reportedly hit the driver. The vehicle continued driving and then crashed. The driver was treated by the Red Crescent and later pronounced dead.

On Friday night, a terrorist from East Jerusalem killed seven people and injured several others outside of a synagogue in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The terrorist was shot and killed by police. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza celebrated the deadly attack, reportedly firing celebratory weapon rounds in the air, lighting fireworks and handing out sweets. Hamas and Islamic Jihad praised the attack. On Sunday the IDF sealed the home of the terrorist, preparing it for demolition. Many of the terrorist’s family members were detained as part of the investigation into the attack.

The victims of the terror attack are: Eli and Natali Mizrahi (husband and wife), Rafael Ben Eliyahu (56, father of 3), Asher Natan (14), Shaul Hai (68), Irina Korolova (Ukrainian citizen), Ilya Sosansky (26).

The cabinet yesterday decided to revoke social security benefits from the family members of terrorists, revoke their Israeli identity cards, ease the firearms licensing process for Israeli civilians and strengthen the settlements.

On Saturday morning, a 13-year-old Palestinian shot and wounded two Israeli men in Silwan, outside the Old City. One of the men wounded, an IDF paratrooper officer, managed to shoot and wound the terrorist, who was then arrested.

On Sunday, IDF troops spotted two heavily armed men approaching the border fence from the Syrian side. Troops fired at the men, killing one and driving the other one away. Preliminary findings have shown that the incident is not thought to have been terror related. Also yesterday, security guards at the settlement of Kedumim shot and killed an armed terror suspect.

US intelligence sources claim that the Mossad was appears to have been behind an overnight drone attack on an Iranian defense factory in Isfahan, Iran. Isfahan is a major center of missile production, research, and development for Iran, including the assembly of many of its Shahab medium-range missiles, which can reach Israel and beyond.Iran claims that only minor damage was caused and all 3 drones were intercepted.