New Daily Email Helps You Stay on Top of the News from Israel

Staying informed about the latest news from Israel just got a lot easier. IsraelAM, a free daily email newsletter that launched late last month, promises to give you the Israel news you need every weekday morning, in a format you’ll love. And it’ll only take you about 5 minutes to read!

The newsletter, started by Teaneck, NJ resident Arnie Singer, is geared towards people who want to stay current on the latest Israel news but either don’t have the time to read through dozens of articles from different sources or aren’t able to read the Hebrew news sites.

Together with his wife Natalie, who analyzed the news as a political officer at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv for 7 years, they scour the Hebrew and English Israeli news websites for several hours every night to identify the top news stories. Then they write them up and add some background and, occasionally, a bit of commentary. The following morning they get up bright and early to update the draft with any late breaking news, format the newsletter and send it out by 7:00am.

“Most people are much too busy to read a lot of news articles,” Natalie said. “Even if they do invest some time they end up getting their news from just one source. We give them the news from various sources with different perspectives, creating a more balanced view.”

Regarding the Hebrew press, Arnie adds that, “English readers sometimes miss out on the stories that are important to Israelis but that don’t necessarily make it into the English language news sites. We tell our readers what the Hebrew papers are saying, which is something they’d otherwise be missing.”

The Singers run a digital marketing and web development agency by day, but are passionate about burning the midnight oil to help English speakers in the US and the world stay informed about, and connected to, Israel.

You can subscribe to israelAM at


The Israel news you need in one free daily email.



The Israel news you need in one free daily email.