IDF in Jenin

Israel News for 7-12-17

IDF Attacked
IDF troops came under attacked in Jenin during a search for wanted terrorists last night. Terrorists used explosive devices and firearms. The troops from the Special Forces unit Maglan returned fire, killing two of the terrorists and wounding a third. No soldiers were wounded. In other operations, security forces also succeeded in arresting 21 wanted terror suspects throughout the West Bank.

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Road Rage
Last night the IDF returned to the Palestinian Authority the body of the terrorist who carried out an attack in Gush Etzion on Monday in which an IDF soldier was lightly wounded.
After the body was returned there a mass funeral procession.

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Terror Lawsuit
The State of Israel has filed suit against the family of the terrorist who rammed his truck into a crowd of officer cadets at a popular Jerusalem promenade in January killing 3 female and one male soldier, all in their 20’s. The terrorist was shot and killed at the scene.

This is the first time that Israel has sued the families of terrorists. The prosecution is demanding compensation for the costs of the burials of the soldiers, as well as the payments it makes to the bereaved families. In addition the prosecutor mentioned “loss of earnings for the lost years, loss of pension and pension rights…and compensation for the pain and suffering that reflects the cruelty of the acts and the great suffering of the murder victims.”

Efrat Oren, the spokesperson of Jerusalem’s District Attorney’s Office, explain, “The primary claim behind the lawsuit filed, following the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of Israeli soldiers, is meant to reimburse the state’s coffers for any expenses incurred following such incidents.” If the family does not pay this sum, the debt will be passed on to the terrorist’s children. The family’s house has already been destroyed.

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Rwanda Open
Paul Kagame, the president of the West African nation of Rwanda, visited Israel earlier this week and met with PM Netanyahu and President Rivlin.

Kagame said, “Cooperation between our countries has blossomed in many areas, among them technology, agriculture, and energy, as well as security. We appreciate what Israel has to offer in these and other fields, and we are very happy to be working with you.”

He added, “Rwanda is open for business and we look forward to welcoming private sector delegations from Israel even more frequently in the future. Ever since the Prime Minister’s visit to West Africa last year, Israel has continued to follow through on its commitments and objective of scaling up engagement across Africa this is a very positive trend which can only be welcomed and merits our support.”

Netanyahu thanked Kagame for supporting Israel as it works on forming and improving relations with African nations. He said, “We see how you stand up for Israel in international forums, and you already expressed a simple principle that we did, which is that bilateral relationships should be reflected in multilateral forums.”

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Hiding Jewishness
The CEO of Israel’s department of education has issued guidelines for Israeli students visiting Poland on school organized trips. The guidelines include not wearing religious garments such as kippot (skullcaps), tzizzit, or the talis (tallitot) in public. The guidelines also prohibit students from singing and dancing in public and from displaying Israeli flags other than in the actual concentration camps.

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Real Estate Bargain
If you’re looking to buy a house on the most expensive street in Israel, now’s your chance. Dafna Harlev, co-owner of family real estate company Aviv, is putting her home in Herzliya Pituah up for sale for NIS 100 million ($28 million). The approximately 5,000 sq.ft. house is located on a .25 acre plot on Galei Tchelet Street, the closest street to the sea in Herzliya Pituah. Neighbors include the US ambassador’s residence and other major Israeli business magnates.

In similar past scenarios, the buyers have proceeded to knock down the existing structures and build new homes (Sounds a lot like Teaneck). So if you’ve got the cash and the dream, why not give it a shot?

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