Israel news summary

Israel News for 7-10-2019

Hamas Training
Hamas yesterday held a massive military exercise throughout Gaza. All land crossings were closed and fishermen were banned going out to sea. [I wonder what they’re training for…hmm.]

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Tunnel Found
The IDF has discovered a tunnel in southern Israel, originating in Gaza. The tunnel was found in an area in which many similar excavations have been discovered over the last 20 years. At this stage, it appears that this is an old tunnel, not one that was recently excavated or was intended to be used by Hamas in the near future.

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Strong Statement
Rafi Peretz, Israel’s Education Minister, was quoted as having said that “assimilation [meaning intermarriage] is like the holocaust”. Apparently this is supposed to cause some sort of outrage, but should it? What he clearly meant was that assimilation was destroying the Jewish people, just as the holocaust did. Of course it’s not violent, physical destruction. But the end results — the depletion of the Jewish community (less Jews) — are the same.

Aliyah Stats
According to Israel’s Bureau of Statistics, 28,000 Jews made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in 2018, which is 6.6% higher than in 2017. Around 10,400 of the immigrants came from Russia, which is a jump of 46% from last year. The number of immigrants from France was 2,400, a 24% drop from last year. In total, 78% of immigrants came from Europe, 15% from North America, around 5% from Asia and the rest from Africa. Most of the new immigrants are highly educated.

3D Map
We found this great 3D map of Israel, that really clarifies the topography of the land and gives you insight into the strategic issues related to defending it. Click here.