Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-19-2020

News Update

The Health Ministry reported 1,644 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours. There are currently 23,779 active cases of which 401 people are hospitalized in serious condition and 118 on ventilators. There have been 719 coronavirus related deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Sudanese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Haidar Badawi Sadiq said on Tuesday that the Sudan is in the midst of peace talks with Israel, and that Sudan does not believe there is reason to the continued hostilities between the two states. He said, “Israel and Sudan will both benefit from a peace agreement.” PM Netanyahu welcomed the remarks and said, “People are tired of extremism, people want to see a better future. I think that soon more countries will sign a peace agreement and eventually the Palestinians will as well.”

Last February, Netanyahu met with the chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan in the Ugandan city of Entebbe. During the meeting, Netanyahu and al-Burhan agreed to begin collaboration that would lead to normalization between their two countries. Israeli planes have been allowed to fly over Sudanese airspace over the last few months.

The Sudanese foreign ministry subsequently has denied that any talks have been ongoing between Sudan and Israel.

Palestinian Authority President Abbas referred to the peace accord between Israel and the UAE as “nonsense” and accused the UAE of turning its back on Palestinians living under occupation.

As part of the Israel-UAE agreement, the US will reportedly sell F-35s — the most advanced fighter jet — to the UAE. But Prime Minister’s Office insists that Israel has not agreed to the sale of F-35s to the UAE.

Terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket into Israel yesterday, which landed in an open area and caused no damage. In response, Israeli fighter jets attacked a number of sites belonging to Hamas in central and southern Gaza. Israel had reportedly rejected Hamas conditions for a cessation of attacks, just hours before the attack.