Israel news summary

Israel News for 4-14-2023

News Update

The Jerusalem police and the Border Police deployed thousands of personnel in the capital today, the last Friday of Ramadan, in light of warnings by security agencies of violence in Jerusalem and the territories. Tens of thousands of Muslims are expected to pray on the Temple Mount today. But as a result of recent rioting on the mount, only around 20,000 worshippers have been coming there to pray in recent days. In an attempt to prevent further violence and unrest, the government has prohibited Jews from visiting the Temple Mount until after Ramadan. So far, Jerusalem is calm. Also, the Prime Minister has retracted his firing of Defense Minister Gallant.

The IDF is hunting for the terrorists that murdered 3 members of the Dee family of Efrat last Friday — mother Lucy and daughters Rina (15) and Maia (20).  The IDF said the identity of the assailants in the Dee family murder was known to them and their capture was near. To watch a press conference by the Leo Dee, the bereaved husband and father of the terror victims, click here. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Herzog have been speaking to senior officials at Moody’s Investors Service ahead of its pending release of Israel’s credit rating, which is expected to be less favorable than before as a result of the potential economic fallout if the judicial reform becomes law. For more, click here.

The Wall Street Journal reported that while quiet cooperation on security matters, intelligence and business continues, efforts to expand Israeli-Saudi relations as well as ties with other Sunni states, have slowed considerably as a result of increased Palestinian violence and government approval of settlement expansion.

Israeli basketball players and fans came under attack from Greek crowds during the FIBA Champions League quarterfinal series in Athens on Wednesday. Crowds held pro-Palestinians signs and flags, burned the Israeli flag, threw firecrackers onto the court and threw rocks at the Israeli fans in the stands. Diaspora Minister Amichai Chikly condemned the events and said he would demand an investigation and that the culprits be severely punished. Meanwhile, Israel signed a NIS 1.44 billion ($400 million) deal to sell Spike anti-tank missiles to Greece.