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Israel News for 11-9-18

Oman Visit
Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz arrived in Oman earlier this week and quickly joined his hosts in a in a traditional sword dance to the sounds of local folk music. Katz presented before several Arab ministers his “Tracks for Regional Peace” plan—a railway that will connect the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf through Israel and Jordan. He said, ”I was moved to receive such a warm welcome in Oman as an Israeli minister, and take part in Oman’s traditional sword dance. This is a sign of Israel’s growing strength.”

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Pakistan Contact
Staff at a Pakistani airbase have reportedly confirmed a report that a private jet made a secretive trip to the country straight from Tel Aviv last month, in the same week that PM Netanyahu secretly visited Oman. Both Pakistan and Israel deny any contact.

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Palestinian in Congress
Rashida Tlaib, 44, has become the first Palestinian-American woman to be elected to the U.S. Congress. Her family in the small village of Beit Ur Al-Fauqa in the West Bank celebrated. Her uncle said she was, “a source of pride for Palestine and the entire Arab and Muslim world.”

Tlaib, a Democrat, ran virtually unopposed in Michigan’s 13th congressional district, which encompasses southwest Detroit and its suburbs west to the city of Dearborn. Her district is home to one of the largest Arab-American populations in the United States. She previously served in Michigan’s state legislature.

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Canada Apologizes
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally apologized on Wednesday (the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht) for the country’s 1939 refusal to take in more than 900 Jewish refugees escaping Germany on board the St. Louis. He said, “We apologize to the 907 German Jews aboard the St. Louis, as well as their families. We are sorry for the callousness of Canada’s response. We are sorry for not apologizing sooner.” The US also turned the ship away. Will Trump issue an apology?

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