terror in israel

Reality Check: This is What Imams are Saying in Mosques

Israelis, along with the rest of the modern, civilized Western world desperately want to figure out a peaceful solution to the conflict and bloodshed in Israel. Every Israeli government has been open to negotiating with legitimate Palestinian leaders who denounce violence and embrace the idea of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Unfortunately, there’s a problem. Call it radical Islam, Islamic fundamentalism … whatever.

The Muslim world cannot ever accept a Jewish state in the land that for 1000 years was ruled by Muslims. They certainly can never accept Jewish rule over Jerusalem, which they consider to be their third holiest city.

They still quote the Koran’s recounting of Mohammed’s vanquishing of the Jewish Arabian tribe at Khayber and the over 50 derogatory references to Jews in the Koran.

Here’s a recent video from a Gaza mosque. Watch the entire video (if you can bear it) to get the full flavor.

As long as this is the message being communicated to the young (and not so young) generation of Palestinians, is peace even a realistic possibility?

If this is what Israel is up against, it doesn’t look like it has much of a choice other than locking up the Palestinians in their own areas and keeping them away from Israelis. How else can it prevents its citizens from getting “stabbed” by the “soldiers of Allah”?