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Israel News for 3-19-18

Old City Terror
Adiel Coleman, a 32 year old father of 4 who was working as a security guard, was stabbed to death by a terrorist in Jerusalem’s Old City yesterday.A nearby policeman shot and killed the terrorist.

The terrorist was 28 year old Abd al-Rahman Bani Fadel, a father of 2 from Nablus. He had a temporary permit for a week that allowed him to enter Israel to search for employment. He had received such permits in the past.

Adiel Coleman was laid to rest today.

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Ramming Attack
Terrorist Alaa Kabha rammed his car into a patrol of IDF soldiers on Friday afternoon on route 585 between the settlements of Mevo Dotan and Hermesh, killing two of the soldiers—an officer and a conscript—and wounding two others.

An initial investigation into the incident found that when they were spotted by the terrorist, the troops were standing near a pillbox post located between the village of Ya’bad and nearby olive plantations. The two slain soldiers were standing at the front of their jeep, while the other two stood on the vehicle’s other side, near the road.

Upon spotting the soldiers, the terrorist veered from the road, sped up, and hit the officer and the soldier who was standing with him first. The two were killed instantly. Then, the terrorist sped towards the two other troops, wounding one very seriously and the other moderately. At some point, the terrorist also hit the barbed-wire fence that surrounded the pillbox post. The soldiers did not have a chance to fire their weapons.

The terrorist admitted to committing a terror attack under interrogation by the Shin Bet, who believe that he acted as a “lone wolf”, without any support or without anyone else knowing about his intentions.

The two soldiers killed in the attack were laid to rest on Sunday. They are Sergeant Netanel Kahalani (20) and Lieutenant Ziv Daus (21).

Kahalani’s mother eulogized her son saying, “My Netanel. My dear child, how am I going to say goodbye to you today? I always knew we would separate, but I never imagined it would be this soon. You were a wonderful child, you loved living, you were full of life. My good boy with the heart of gold, thank you for 20 years of grace, love and friendship. We will never separate, you will always be in my heart. I love you very much, and I wish we would one day meet in eternity.”

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Hamas Tunnel
The IDF destroyed a Hamas tunnel on Sunday from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip to the Eshkol Regional Council inside Israel. The tunnel had initially been destroyed during operation Protective Edge, but Hamas was attempting to “recycle” it. The IDF did not use explosives to destroy the tunnel. Instead, it flooded the tunnel with a certain compound that rendered it unusable. No IDF troops entered Gaza in the operation.

Over the weekend, Israeli aircraft bombed another Hamas tunnel in the central Gaza Strip. Additional Hamas military targets were also attacked, in response to IEDs that were planted near the Israeli border.

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Slow Buses
Despite huge investments in public transportation, the time it takes to get to a workplace outside a person’s place of residence in Israel has become 20% longer over the past five years, according to a survey published by the Bank of Israel.

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