Israel news summary

Israel News for 10-28-2019

News Update

J Street, the left-wing Jewish Middle East policy group, is calling on Democratic presidential candidates to make U.S. aid to Israel conditional. Jeremy Ben-Ami, the group’s president, called on candidates to reverse Trump administration policies that have favored Israel over the Palestinian Authority and announced that the organization’s student wing, J Street U, launched a campaign to press the Democratic Party to include in its platform a call on Israel to end its presence in Judea and Samaria.

Visiting Jerusalem today, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin promised to “ramp up” US sanctions and other pressure against Iran.

Unity Talks: Blue and White leader Gantz and PM Netanyahu met on Sunday to discuss the possibility of forming a unity government. Nothing was accomplished, other than decided to meet again. No one wants another election.

Soda Stream plans to replace all of its plastic bottles with metal ones by 2021, eliminating the production of hundreds of millions of disposable plastic bottles over the coming years.

Over the weekend Israel and Jordan marked 25 years since signing a peace treaty.