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5 Reasons You Need to Read the IsraelAM Daily Email

The last thing anyone wants is more email! But if you want to stay informed about the latest news from Israel, here’s why getting the israelAM daily email is well worth it.

1. Variety of Sources
There are a lot of news sources, Israeli and international, that you can turn to for your Israel news fix. But do you really have time to check all of them? That would take you several hours each day. We know, because that’s what we do. We scour more than a dozen major Israeli and international press sources to get the news you’ll want to read about.

2. Hebrew and English
If you aren’t able to read Hebrew only press sources like or, you’ll often be missing out on news stories and perspectives that you want find on the English news sites. In fact, the English sites that translate their Hebrew language versions don’t always include all of their Hebrew stories, and the ones they do include aren’t always translated accurately. Sometimes important facts or nuances are “lost in translation”. You’ll get the “outsider” version instead of the native Israeli one.

At israelAM we read the Israel news in Hebrew, to give you the real story.

3. Perspectives
The Israeli outlets each have different political leanings. Some lean to the Left, and some to the Right. Reading just one can sometimes leave you with a very skewed view of the news. At israelAM we take the news from different outlets, giving you a balanced view of the Israeli news.

4. Understand the News
We don’t just copy articles or provide links with short blurbs. We write each story and add explanations and background when necessary — and we do it in a super concise way — so that you spend just a few minutes reading but come out feeling well informed about the news. We do, of course, include links to sources so that you can read the entire article if you’re so inclined.

5. Time, time, time.
If you’ve got a lot of free time to read the Israeli news in Hebrew and English, you should definitely do so! But if you’re like most people who want to stay informed about the Israeli news but can’t find the time to do so every day, we’ve tailored our daily email specifically for you. In just about 5 minutes every morning, you’ll be able to stay informed about Israeli current events. More importantly, you’ll feel more connected to Israel.

The only way to truly find out if israelAM is for you is to try it! Subscribe at the top of this page or on our home page and see what you’ve been missing!