One year ago we started with an idea and a mission — to help English speakers connect with Israel through the daily Israel news and current events. Our readers currently number in the thousands. More importantly, based on the feedback we get on a regular basis, we are succeeding in our mission. And we’ve done it all organically, without any grants or support from major Jewish organizations and donors, other than the grassroots support of our readers. Not many other organizations can boast of that accomplishment.

We’re excited about continuing our mission through the daily IsraelAM newsletter. We are also planning to increase our activity on social media to connect more people and are actively reaching out to Jewish organizations and their leadership and staff members to tell them about IsraelAM and ask them to share it with their communities.

Since it’s our birthday, and you probably are wondering what present to get us, we thought we’d give you a few suggestions (they’re not mutually exclusive!):

1. Donate to support our mission and show that you value our work. If you don’t know how much to give, just think about the value you get from the daily newsletter. You can make donations on our support page – click here.

2. Sponsor IsraelAM with your business, for our entire community of subscribers to see. It’s a great way to support us while showing your support of Israel. For sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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4. Help us connect with influencers and major Jewish organizations. That means, if you are personally connected to the people or organizations who can help us reach a heck of a lot of readers, please help make that happen. That would make us very happy :)

So, those are our birthday present suggestions. We look forward to unwrapping your gifts!

Thanks to all who have already supported us with generous donations. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our mission of informing people about, and connected them to, Israel — on a daily basis.

PS – – We recently were approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) and were able to apply for, and receive, a Google grant of $10,000 a month worth of Google Adwords. That means we can now run Google search ads worth $329 per day, which should help us acquire new subscribers at zero cost to us.