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5 Reasons You Need to Read the IsraelAM Daily Email

The last thing anyone wants is more email! But if you want to stay informed about the latest news from Israel, here’s why getting the israelAM daily email is well worth it. 1. Variety of Sources There are a lot of news sources, Israeli and international, that you can turn to for your Israel news […]

Israel News for August 13, 2015

< back to sign up Jews and Arabs Demonstrate Members of Women Wage Peace, an organization formed a year ago to advocate for the advancement of the peace process, have been on a hunger strike (in shifts) in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem for the past month. The group includes Jewish and Arab […]

Israel News for August 12, 2015

< back to sign up High Court vs. Africans Israel’s High Court of Justice, the equivalent of the US Supreme Court, struck down part of the Anti-Infiltration law passed by the Knesset that allowed illegal immigrants to be held in detention for up to 20 months. The court ruled that they can be only be held […]

Israel News for August 11, 2015

< back to sign up Conversion Controversy A group of prominent religious zionist rabbis have established a Bet Din (religious court) to perform conversions. They performed their first conversion on a group of minors on Monday. The Chief Rabbinate along with almost all charedi rabbis are vehemently against this court. Background The Chief Rabbinate has always […]

israelAM for August 10, 2015

< back to sign up Swedish Hezbollah Spy A Swedish national of Palestinian decent who was arrested back in July by The Shin Bet was charged by Israel with spying for Hezbollah. The Shin Bet claims that the suspect confessed under interrogation to working for Hezbollah and planned to collect and pass on information on military […]

israelAM for August 7, 2015

< back to sign up Terrorist Attacks Soldiers Raid Mohammed Badwan, a 45 yr. old Palestinian from the West Bank village of Biddu, rammed his car into a a group of soldiers walking on the side of the road at the Shiloh junction in Samaria yesterday. Two soldiers were seriously wounded. A third, Lt. Daniel Albaz, […]

israelAM for August 6, 2015

< back to sign up Obama vs. Israel President Obama claimed in a speech yesterday that out of every country who has publicly commented about the Iran deal, Israel was the only one that hasn’t expressed support for it. He referred specifically to PM Netanyahu saying, “I don’t doubt Netanyahu’s sincerity but I think he is […]

israelAM for August 5, 2015

< back to sign up Shin Bet Arrests More Suspects The Shin Bet has arrested 2 more suspects in the Duma arson case, Mordecai Ma’ayar and Avitar Salonim. Both are Jews known to be involved in far right extremist activities. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon signed an administrative decree after Ma’ayar’s arrest, allowing security forces to detain […]

israelAM for August 4, 2015

< back to sign up Shin Bet Arrests Terror Suspect The Shin Bet, Israel’s version of the FBI, arrested Meir Ettinger for “involvement in an extremist Jewish organization.” Ettinger denied the charge. Although the Shin Bet declined to connect the arrest to the arson attack at Duma, it definitely seems like there’s a connection. The Shin […]

israelAM for August 3, 2015

< back to sign up Stabbing Victim Mourned Shira Banki, the 16 year old stabbed at the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade, died of her wounds yesterday. Her parents have decided to donate her organs to save the lives of others. Hundreds of people gathered to remember her in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The PM and other […]